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Our Booking PolicyALL APPOINTMENTS MUST be paid for in ADVANCE. 24 hrs CANCELLATION REFUND FEE $80. Late Fee $50. App't over 1hr $150. Follow Ups $200. FREE 15mins APPOINTMENTS ONLY on FRIDAYS. NO DEPOSIT NO APPOINTMENT.


Taxation Preparation


Personal Taxes

. Duration:23 hrs 59 mins··. Price:$200



FRIDAYS ONLY (NEW CLIENTS) FREE 15 mins Consultation

. Duration:15 mins··. Price:Free

Consultation Fee

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$400

Follow Up (Previous Clients) Consultation

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$300

Bookkeeping Services


RP - Violent

. Duration:23 hrs 59 mins··. Price:$650

RP - Lavender

. Duration:23 hrs 59 mins··. Price:$850

RP - Royal

. Duration:23 hrs 59 mins··. Price:$1,400

Business Startup Kit


Business Bank Account ST

. Duration:23 hrs 59 mins··. Price:$1,050

Business Bank Account LLC

. Duration:23 hrs 59 mins··. Price:$1,200


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About us

We recognizes the importance of knowledge and learning in achieving financial success.  Therefore, we aim to empower entrepreneurs with proper financial structures and strategies with our courses and services from the start. 

Opening hours

Booking policy


11 reviews
  • Marika·

    15 Minute Consultation: Happy that I tried it! I appreciated all of the personalised guidance. Will recommend to family and friends.

  • Marvin·


  • Caribbean Concoctions·

    I (Colleen Cameron) am so grateful to you for all your posts and videos about doing our accounts in a structured manner like real professionals. I have learned so so much about this side of running a business just based on what you so willingly share. I am a left brain (creative) so just the thought of all that right brain stuff with all those numbers used to turn me off. But since you kept educating us on it I learned to appreciate the numbers so much that I now love to open up my WAVE account and enter all my transactions.
    If you hadnot encouraged me to do this I would never have known the levels of income and expenditure generated in my businesses. In my head it was just a fraction of that amount so it really does make sense to record it in one place instead of 3-4 notebooks all over the place. Thanks to you and to Destiny Planners for all the advice, encouragement and patience with us entrepreneurs who are following our dreams but who need to do it the right way so it makes dollars and sense. #Thankful

  • The Escalon Core·

    Honestly, these people need more than 5 stars! Wonderful customer service and patience for days! I would not have been able to get my business registration started without them. Personal thanks to Letetia Superville-Barrat for your advice and patience :)

  • Tours Benies Rental Services·

    Destiny Planners is here for such a time as this. As a new business owner, I made it my mission to start my business the right way. I knew that i needed to have a business account. I hate dealing with numbers but i know my ignorance of numbers will lead to my downfall. In order to avoid these early pitfalls i enlisted the assistance of Letetia. She came highly recommended and well certainly did not disappoint. Her tips were helpful and made me feel more comfortable in dealing with the accounting aspect of my business. I call her MY MAMMY because she definitely fits that bill, from boof to praises... she encapsulates it all... Destiny Planners is a fantastic tool for any business looking to gain correction in all accounting and taxing things gone awry to making everything right. I give them 10 stars!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  • Studio 19·

    No words can describe the great work done by Letetia and her team. Excellent service and I look forward to continued use of their expertise and services.

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